9mm Brass processed ready for reloading

Price per One (1) Bag of 100 cartridges
Order Quantity Price Per Item
10 $10.00
50 $9.00
9mm Luger Once Fired tumbled Brass Processed Ready for Reloading!
  • Brass have been sorted out of defects.
  • Brass was run through our Dillon 1050 Super with Rotary drive
  • Brass is Roll Sized in a role sizing machine to ensure it will fit in the tightest chamgber
  • Brass is fully sized
  • Brass is deprimed
  • Primer pockets Swagged to remove any primer crimp
  • Brass is stainless steel media tumbled to a shine.
  • Mix Headstamp
  • Availability: 9632 In Stock
  • Model: 9mm-FP

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