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Once Fired Brass

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300 AAC Blackout brass, Once Fired Brass and Reloading supplies

Once Fired Brass Process

Once fired brass and fired brass is our specialty.
Our once fired brass is coming from gun ranges (mostly indoors ranges).
Upon receiving the brass we sort it on our brass sorting machines and separate by calibers.
We then wash and tumbled the fired brass in Stainless steel media with soup and lemi-shine.
After the brass is dry we hand sort for bad brass, dented brass, split necks and any other visible damages.
All bad brass is being discarded.
As an optional service we process the brass on our Dillon 1050 Super automated presses.
we anneal the brass as well if asked.
300aacbrass.com is your best source for TOP Quality once fired brass for the reloading community

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