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300 AAC Blackout MHS Primed

Availability:  6250
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500pcs for a 19¢
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5,000pcs for a 17¢
300 AAC PRIMED Blackout Mix Head Stamps converted from 223 Once Fired brass
Majority of Headstamps are LC and FC with some others like PMC,WIN,F.G.I,CBC Etc...

We do the following proccess on the brass:
  1. Cut to rough length
  2. Form the brass on Hornady die
  3. Clean the brass in SS media and soupy water with lemishine
  4. Trim the brass to SAMMI spec's 1.355 +-0.003
  5. Remove any Mil Crimp (If any)
  6. Uniform Primer Pockets
  7. Chmafer and deburr neck mouth
  8. Inserting a new primer (CCI400 or Winchester)
  9. Package in Heavy Ziploc bag
  10. Ziploc bag goes into USPS Tryvak bag
  11. Boxed and ship

  • Availability: 6250
  • Model: 300AAC-MHS-Primed

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